Best Automatic Horse Feeders: Top 5 Advantages

Best Automatic Horse Feeders

Best Automatic Horse Feeders: As a horse owner, you understand the importance of providing consistent, high-quality nutrition to keep your animal healthy and happy. An automatic horse feeder can make the feeding process much more efficient while giving you peace of mind that your horse will be fed even when you’re not home. If you’re considering investing in an automatic feeder, here are 10 key advantages to keep in mind.

Best Automatic Horse Feeders

Best Automatic Horse Feeders

To find the best automatic horse feeder for your needs, consider the following top options:

1. PETKIT Automatic Smart Feeder

This is a highly-rated, innovative horse feeder that allows you to control feedings via an app on your smartphone. You’ll appreciate the PETKIT feeder’s durable, weather-resistant design and large 20L capacity. It dispenses feed on a set schedule to ensure your horse has constant access to food. The built-in camera and two-way audio allow you to monitor your horse remotely.

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2. Nelson Automatic Horse Feeder

The Nelson feeder is a simple but reliable option for basic automated feeding. It has a large 50 lb capacity hopper and dispenses feed 4-6 times per day on a preset schedule. While not as advanced as other options, the Nelson gets the job done and is very affordable. It’s best for owners wanting trouble-free automated feeding at a good value.

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In summary, there are several high-quality automatic horse feeders that can meet your needs while ensuring your horse has constant access to fresh feed. The options above represent some of the best available based on durability, capacity, portion control, and smart features. Choose the one that fits your priorities and budget. Your horse’s health and happiness depend on it.

10 Reasons Why Automatic Horse Feeders Are So Beneficial

There are several advantages to using an automatic horse feeder for your stable.

1. Convenient and Consistent Feeding

An automatic feeder consistently provides your horse with meals at the same time every day without you having to be present to fill their feed bin. This establishes a regular feeding routine and prevents your horse from anxiously awaiting their next meal.

2. Portion Control

Automatic feeders can be programmed to dispense a fixed amount of feed at each feeding. This helps ensure your horse receives the appropriate amount of nutrition each day and avoids overfeeding. Some feeders also allow you to dispense supplements with the feed, providing the correct dosage each time.

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3. Reduced Waste

Automatic feeders only dispense one meal at a time, so feed is less likely to be knocked over or spilled. Feeders can also be designed with anti-stall guards and feed pans that are difficult for the horse to flick feed out of, resulting in less wasted feed.

4. Labor Saving

Refilling feed bins and ensuring your horse has access to feed multiple times a day requires a major time commitment. Automatic feeders significantly reduce the amount of time spent feeding your horses daily. Simply fill the feeder with a week’s worth of feed and the feeder will automatically dispense meals at the set times.

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5. Discourages Rodents

Since feed is dispensed in controlled portions, there are no overflowing feed bins to attract rodents like mice or rats. The feeder design also makes it difficult for rodents to access the feed. This helps create an undesirable environment for pests.


As you have seen, an automatic horse feeder can provide significant benefits for both you and your horse. Not only will it ensure your horse receives nutrition on a consistent schedule to support health and performance, but it will also save you time and reduce waste. The ability to customize feedings to your horse’s unique needs and receive alerts if there are any issues gives valuable peace of mind. While the initial investment may seem high, the long-term savings in food, time, and worry can make an automatic feeder well worth the cost for any horse owner. If you want the best for your equine companion and to simplify your own responsibilities, choose a top-rated automatic horse feeder. Your horse’s health and your convenience will thank you.