Dog Breed: American Bully

Dog Breeds: American Bully

Dog Breeds: American Bully

Dog Breed: American Bully

American Bully: The American Bully is an ideal family dog, known for their laid-back with a laid-back personality, with natural eagerness to please. American Bullies are confident, loyal, and are great company to children. They very protective of their home and their family. Let the name not deceive you, American Bully is no “bully” at all, they were not bred for guard duties.

American Bully Description

The American Bully has a short, glossy coat that can be any color or pattern. Their head is medium length with a broad skull, high set ears, and distinct stop. Their eyes are round to oval and set low in the skull. The neck is heavy and slightly arched, while the shoulders are strong and muscular. The body has well-sprung ribs and a deep, broad chest. The hindquarters are well-muscled, and the feet are of moderate size and well-arched. Their gait should be springy with drive off the rear.


The American Bully is a friendly and intelligent dog breed, eager to please and protect its family. they not typically aggressive, they may have protective instincts. American Bullies may not always get along with other animals, but are generally friendly towards other dogs. Positive training and socialization as a puppy is important because it prepares it for adulthood, to be calm and confident adult dog. They are known for their lovable and clownish personalities in a strong body.

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Living Condition or Upkeep

The American Bully’s short, glossy coat requires minimal grooming. Regular brushing and bathing are enough for them. The American Bully is a moderate shedder with a muscular body and broad, deep chest. They come in a variety of colors, except for merle and albino. Their short coat may not provide enough warmth during cold weather, so just know No dog rocks a sweater quite like a Bully!

American Bullies will do okay indoors sure they are sufficiently exercised.


Hip and elbow dysplasia are major concerns for the American Bully breed,

Autoimmune reaction to mange, hypothyroidism

Suggested Tests: Orthopedic testing, eye examination

Coat: Short, smooth and glossy
Color: All colors
Height: 33–50 cm (13–20 in)
Life span: 8-13 years
Litter size: 4-8
Weight: 20–60 kg (44–132 lb)

Brief History

The American Bully breed originated in the United States between 1980 and 1990, and is a combination of several breeds including the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, and Bulldog. the American Bully has been recognized as a breed by the UKC since 2013.

Note: When someone refers to a “blue-nose”, or a “red-nose” pit bull they are referring to the color of the dog.

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