How To Live With Both Cats and Dogs

How To Live With Both Cats and Dogs

How To Live With Both Cats and Dogs

How To Live With Both Cats and Dogs

How To Live With Both Cats and Dogs: The phrase “Fighting like cats and dogs” I don’t even know its origins. Because in most homes I know, dogs and cats share living quarters and coexist peacefully. Adding a second female cat or male dog to a household can be more challenging than introducing a pet of the opposite species.

There cases where trying to introduce stray cats in a wild state to dogs is of risky, even friendly ones. Dogs with a strong prey drive may harm the family cat.

Do A Fence Or A Cage For Them

Introduction of a new pet to a house requires few basics, such as an understanding dog that picks commands like “Leave it”, “Come”, “Eat”, etc. can be controlled around a new car indoors, A cage can be helpful too. Remember simple obedience training can do the tricky to peaceful coexistence between dogs and cats.

I forgot to mention outdoors is a different scenario, because dogs view outdoor cats as prey, it’s always best to keep cats indoors and dogs on a leash!. In cases where the resident dog or the newcomer cat is ill-mannered, we advise a 4-foot house leash and buckle collar can give you control over the situation. Anytime the dog try chasing the cat, step on the leash and give commands like “Sit or Down”, also always praise the dog when he looks away or stands down.
The baby cage is important to providing a cat with dog free territory, the troubled feline can always seek safe heaven in the cage and the food bowls will be untouched by canine muzzles.

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What’s The Scoop?

Litterbox inside the cage helps keep the cats feces stay right where the cats leaves them, the remains might be disgusting to you but the dogs response is likely to be “Yum Tasty”, so be on the look out for this eventuality.

If a cage won’t work for the coexistence of the cat n dog, then you will have to be creative in the solutions. For example, placing a litterbox and food dish at opposite ends of a tall bathtub can accommodate a cat and small dog.

It easier when you own your own house, because you have more options to aid the peacefully existence of both species. some create cat sized openings in doors just to keep the dogs away from the cats.

Separate Tables

As for alternative feeding stations, Wide windowsills, and countertops can make great feeding stations for felines. It’s important to remember that cat and dog food are not interchangeable and to keep them out of each other’s bowls, because there has been research has gone into developing specialized canine and feline diets

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