Cancel Culture: Nigerian Media And The Propaganda Against Cats

cancel culture against cats in nigeria

cancel culture against cats in nigeria

Cancel Culture: Nigerian Media And The Propaganda Against Cats

Cancel culture and Nigerian media, especially the movie industry are two inseparable twins. You can’t take away one from the other. It is visible in the lasting memories the majority of Nigerians grew up with-Cats are demonic, Cats are used by witches, and If you take sweets from a stranger, you’d turn into a cat. Unbelievable propaganda! Mind you, I’m not in any way saying children or anyone should take things from strangers or persons their instinct points against, but what this article is bringing to light is how badly the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) has portrayed cats to be.  

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Cancel culture is dangerous in some sense because society is not always right. Looking at a clear definition, it would appear this way: the practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure

This generation has embraced this concept so much it has become an obvious culprit, poor cats! With no one to speak for them, they continue to be seen as symbols of evil and fear. 

two cats playing

Humans need to gravitate more towards these harmless animals, realistically speaking, all a cat wants to do is snuggle up with you, embark on fruitless chases, purr, eat, sleep, and on repeat! What is there to fear if we’re to build on this assumption?

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A Brief Origin Of Cancel Culture Against Cats 

Growing up, a huge chunk of movies had cat cameos in them, where these cute fluffy balls were depicted to be some mysterious mystery waiting to slash your throat when you go to bed. Those were the memories. So it’s hard to blame the majority that still lives in that cooked-up propaganda. Imagine having to continually get exposed to lies all your life. 

But What Is The Truth?

Without leaving anything behind or mincing words, cats are one of the cutest creatures EVER! Their big round eyeballs glow in different colors of fine-green, blue, yellow, and the what-have-yous. Oh! How could I have missed out on this important detail: their soft fluffy furry coat, which could be squishy depending on how you carry and feel them? 

wholesome orange cat

On a scale of magnificent, they score a wholesome 10. This article may sound biased in the slightest but it is more so intentional. Cat lovers have silenced their sentiments for too long, and soon there would be an outburst of emotions if cats are still treated as third-class pets.

Why You Should Be A Cat Parent

Understandably, cats have this aura of mystery around them, their eyes possessive of something so powerful yet hidden. And it is the reason they are gorgeous creatures.

cats make great companions for humans but the propaganda from Nigerian media is starting to ruin that relationship

Cats are loving and warm pet animals, perfect for the household, that is, with children and other animals like dogs, rabbits, etc. They make great human companions. 

Returning home to your furry friend after a long and exhausting day is bliss for cat lovers. Their purrs, gentle nudges, and affectionate head-butts are just enough to melt away the stress and anxieties meted out by life. 

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They also have the magical ability to lift your spirits and bring laughter into your life. Their playful antics and playful nature are an endless source of entertainment-Whether they’re chasing a laser pointer, pouncing on a toy, or amusing themselves with a simple cardboard box, their infectious energy never fails to lighten gloomy faces. 

So, What Is It Going To Be?

It’s okay if you don’t like a certain animal but let the reason be genuine-let’s say for health reasons (some people are allergic to cat fur) but not for some cultural or spiritual propaganda. Let’s do better when we can to show these fluff balls all the love and care they duly deserve. 


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