On Becoming A Cat Parent: 5 Essential Tips For First-Time owners

becoming a cat parent

becoming a cat parent

On Becoming A Cat Parent: 5 Essential Tips For First-Time Owners

On Becoming A Cat Parent: 5 Essential Tips For First-Time Owners: Hey there! If you are reading this article, chances are you just got your kitten, so a big congratulations to you for being a first-time cat parent! But if you’re still considering and weighing your options, it’s a good thing you are doing that in the first place-the idea of being a first-time cat parent. Welcome aboard too! Cats make great companions for their human buddies. With their towering energy, there’s no room for boredom when your pet cat is around.

Being a first-time cat parent is an adventurous ride as you don’t know what to expect. It’s practically the same with babies, as there’s this bout of anxiety that comes with being a first-time parent since there is no prior experience. But in the end, it comes with a worthwhile feeling. A great one. 

Here we have outlined five (5) essential tips that would guide you on the path to becoming a first-time wonderful cat parent 

    1. Make Your Home Kitty-Proof

As a first-time cat parent if you haven’t already done this, then make it a priority. Start by taking a walk through your home, look out for things that could be harmful to your pet cat, like electrical cords, tiny objects that could be ingested (tiny toy parts), exposed outlets, or hazardous substances: pesticides, toxic plants, all of which needs to be removed, you would not want to compromise the health of your little kitty. Make your furry friend comfortable and be sure to have pleasurable and memorable moments.

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     2. Get A Scratching Post

scratching post for cats

Cats love to claw at things, you know, flex their inner lion and also reduce stress and boredom. This could be a daunting task for first-time cat parents. Imagine coming back to meet claw marks on your sofas, bedspreads, or just anywhere in your home. But by investing in scratching posts, you’ll be doing yourself and your kitty a lot of good. A win-win situation should you decide to give it a tag. Be creative with ideas, a plank or threaded wood board works as much. Add hanging items for maximum fun. 

     3. Two Kittens Are Better Than One, Always 

two kittens are better than one

Just like humans, even animals require companionship. Everyone does, to be honest. Cats are social creatures, so they will like to always mingle and play. Also, there’s the thing of stress and anxiety, having a second cat around naturally eliminates that in its entirety. They will self-train in litter box and socialization skills, keeping each other company when you’re out. An animal shelter can be a good place to adopt kittens, you’ll not only be saving the lives of the cats but providing them with a home to call their own. 

    4. Litter Boxes Are Essential

Elimination or voiding accidents are common with little kittens as they begin to grow and learn basic skills. It’s vital that you get a comfortable litter box. Check that the size is a good one. If you live in a multilevel home, ensure there is a litter box on every floor. Mind you, the litter box should be placed away from noise or areas with so much activity going on. As a first-time cat parent, you should know that cats love to do their business in private. Take note of that. Be patient with your kitten during the litter training period as cats have a tiny bladder, so elimination accidents are always bound to happen. 

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     5. Book An Appointment With The Vet

booking regular vet appointment for your cat

Scheduling a vet visit is essential for your little friend’s health. The vet would check for flea and tick infestation, infections, and if there’s the presence of an underlying medical issue. Another reason to do this is to erase any possibilities of zoonotic infections from arising (that is, infections that can be passed on from animals to humans). As a first-time cat parent, make it a habit of taking your kitten for a round check at the vet. Ensure your furry friend is vaccinated against infections that are specific to the cat specie. 

You can read more about how to live healthily around pets here. 

Note that being a cat parent is a beautiful journey and experience. It won’t be easy, but you’ll pull through. With a plethora of resources online, you are sure on your way to becoming a wonderful cat parent. Cheers! 


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