The Best Apps and Websites for Pet Lovers and Owners

The Best Apps and Websites for Pet Lovers and Owners

This is big 2023 and there are tons of apps and websites for pet owners and lovers to choose from courtesy of The Digital Age. The apps number in their millions but how many can you check out or navigate at once? And that’s why we’ve put together this article. The apps and/or websites selected have been screened and checked for efficiency, user-friendliness, and experience. And I can say they all ranked high on our scoreboard 

So are you looking for tips on training your furry friend, managing their health records, or simply connecting with other pet enthusiasts, there’s an app or website out there to cater to your needs. And we’ve got just the right ones! 

N/B: Do well to explore other pet apps if you’re in doubt as whatever is written in this article is of a subjective nature.

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The Top 5 Best Apps and Website For Pet Lovers

1. Great Pet Care

Great Pet Care

Great Pet Care is an excellent App for pet owners who want to keep track of their furry friend’s health. The app is user-friendly and responsive. Great Pet Care allows you to store and manage your pet’s medical records, vaccinations, medications, and upcoming appointments. You can even set reminders for important dates, such as flea treatments or annual check-ups. With this App, you’ll never miss an important veterinary update again.

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2. Rover


Rover works as a mediator, connecting pet owners with trusted individuals in your neighborhood that offer various pet care services. This is the go-to app if you ask me. Rover connects you with efficient hands on those off and busy days. For instance, if you’ve got a vacation, or you need a dog walker, or maybe you just need a reliable pet sitter, Rover has you covered. On the App, you can read reviews, check availability, and even schedule a meet-and-greet before making a booking. This App ensures your pet is in safe hands whenever you can’t be there.

3. BarkBox


Every pet deserves a rich supply of colorful and exciting toys and this is where BarkBox comes in. Your number 1 pet toy plug! With a delightful monthly subscription service, you get a box of goodies for your furry friend delivered straight to your home. 

In each box, you find high-quality toys, treats, and other exciting surprises that will keep your furry companion well entertained and happy.

BarkBox is the perfect App for pet owners who want to pamper their furry companions and strengthen their bond as well.

4. BringFido


Ever wondered how to go on vacations with your four-legged companion? With BringFido, you have little to zero to think of. They provide a comprehensive directory of pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, and activities worldwide. On BringFido you can make reservations, read reviews from other pet owners, keep yourself up-to-date with pet policies, etc. By making a few clicks on their website, the stress of planning your next adventure with your furry friend becomes nonexistent.

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5. Petfinder


Are you thinking of adopting a pet and don’t know how to go about it? PetFinder just like the name implies connects prospective pet owners with animal shelters and rescue organizations in their area. On the site or App, you can search for pets available for adoption based on your location, choice of breed, among other things. Stop thinking but rather act today! Give these deserving pets a chance of finding a forever home. 

With technology, things have become much easier. Being a pet lover and owner is now seamless as a result of digitalization. 

Get access to a library of pet resources and information with just a click on your smartphone. Is it managing your pet’s health records? Finding pet care services? Discovering new toys and treats? Planning pet-friendly travel? Or even adopting a furry companion?  This article has you covered. 

Embrace the digital age and make the most of these incredible tools designed to enhance the lives of both you and your beloved pet.

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