The Cheristin for cats Flea Treatment

  1. Cheristin for Cats is a flea treatment medication for felines. Its active ingredient, spinosad, is derived from soil bacteria and works by attacking the nervous system of fleas. Spinosad causes excessive stimulation of the flea’s nerves, eventually leading to paralysis and death.

Cheristin is a vet-quality flea treatment you can feel good about using on your cat. For maximum effectiveness and safety, always follow the directions and never overapply the medication. By providing your cat with Cheristin’s fast-acting, long-lasting protection, you’ll help keep those pesky fleas at bay and your feline companion happy and itch-free.

How Does Cheristin Work to Kill Fleas on Cats?

Cheristin contains the active ingredient spinetoram, which is in a class of insecticides called spinosyns. Spinetoram works by attacking the nervous system of fleas, causing paralysis and death.

1. It Interferes With Neurotransmission

Within a flea’s nervous system, spinetoram disrupts the transmission of signals between nerve cells. It binds to receptors in the nerve cells that are responsible for stimulating muscle movement. This interferes with the flea’s ability to send signals to its muscles, eventually leading to paralysis.

2. It Causes Hyperexcitation

Spinetoram causes the nerve cells in fleas to become overstimulated. This hyperexcitation of the nervous system results in uncoordinated movement, tremors, and paralysis in the fleas. They lose control of their legs and mouthparts, preventing them from moving, feeding, or reproducing.

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3. It Has a Residual Effect

Cheristin does not just kill the fleas that are on your cat at the time of application. It is absorbed into the cat’s skin and hair follicles and continues to be released over time, providing residual protection that kills new fleas before they can lay eggs. This helps break the flea life cycle and prevents re-infestation.

4. It’s Safe for Use in Cats

Spinetoram, the active ingredient in Cheristin, works selectively on insect nervous systems. At the proper dosage for cats, it does not have the same effect on mammalian nervous systems and is considered safe for use in cats. However, some cats may experience temporary irritation at the application site or lethargy. As with any product, follow the instructions carefully and consult a vet with any concerns.

Benefits of Using Cheristin for Flea Control

When it comes to keeping your feline friend flea-free, Cheristin is a great option to consider. This topical flea treatment provides fast-acting and long-lasting protection against fleas and their eggs in a easy to apply formula.

1. Effective Flea Control

Within 12 hours of applying Cheristin, 98-100% of fleas on your cat will be dead. This potent formula continues working for up to a month to prevent re-infestation by killing newly hatched fleas before they can lay eggs. By breaking the flea life cycle, Cheristin helps provide comprehensive control of flea populations in your home.

2. Safe for Cats and Their Environment

Cheristin contains the ingredient Spinetoram, a component derived from naturally occurring soil bacteria that acts as an insect neurotoxin. It is safe for use on cats, kittens, breeding queens and males. Once applied, Cheristin leaves no greasy residue and has minimal odor. It is also safe to use in homes with children and will not damage furnishings or the environment.

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3. Convenient to Apply

The Cheristin for cats formula comes in an easy-to-use topical solution that is applied directly to the skin on the back of the neck. Because it’s a fast-drying liquid, there’s no messy powder or greasy spot-on. Cheristin starts working quickly after application and provides a full month of protection with a single dose.

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Using Cheristin regularly as part of your cat’s health care plan will provide comprehensive protection against fleas and other external parasites. Its fast, effective and long-lasting protection, combined with its safety, convenience and additional benefits, make Cheristin an excellent choice for flea control and your cat’s overall well-being.