The Most Popular Pet Names of 2023 and Their Meanings

The Most Popular Pet Names of 2023 and Their Meanings

Picking a pet name for your furry friend comes with a lot of tinkering. As fun and exciting as it may seem, it could be an exhausting process. With millions of names to choose from, it can be indeed classed as an extreme sport. Also, it’s natural for pet owners to go for names that reflect their unique personalities. In 2023, some pet names are more popular than others. The cultural appropriation tied to trends on social media has become a driving force.

Building on the existing premise, every sweet pet deserves a name that would go on to become an integral part of its identity. 

Right now, grab a chill bottle of your favorite drink and popcorn to go with it as we are about to journey into the world of pet names. 

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The Most Popular Pet Names Of 2023—Uncovering The Meanings Behind These Endearing Choices.

1. Luna

Luna is a beautiful name of Latin origin which means moon. The name embodies a warm celestial aura. Like something from the heavens. In Luna, you find elegance, mystery, and a sprinkle of magic. This name is popular and perfect for both cats and dogs. It brings to light their enchanting presence and captivating allure.

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2. Milo

Milo is a warm and friendly name that has gained major popularity in 2023. This pet name exudes a sense of playfulness, making it a go-to option for energetic and playful pets like dogs. It cuts across various cultures, with deep roots in German and Slavic. It is universally cherished and reflects the affectionate bond between humans and their furry companions.

3. Stella

Stella is so my favorite. The name means star in Latin. When you name your pet after something that shines so dazzlingly it shows in the life of your pet. They become the light in your darkest hours. However, this name has some feminine undertones to it. It is often chosen for female pets. Stella conveys grace and a sense of royalty. As humans, we owe it to our pets to pay special tributes for all the sparkle they bring into our lives. Pets are truly stars that light up our world.

4. Finn

Finn is an Irish name and it has gained popularity among male pets in 2023. In Finn, you find strength, bravery, and loyalty. If you are a male pet owner, Finn is very ideal! It sounds firm and embodies some sort of unwavering masculinity. Finn is great for pets that exemplify these characteristics. As it reminds us of the unbreakable bond we share with our furry friends.

5. Charlie

Charlie will always be a timeless classic. Now I am wishing I had a pet with this name. But if I did, I think it’d be a cat. This name is often seen with friendly and sociable pets. And it all makes sense now because every Charlie I have seen is always warm and has an approachable nature. This name can fly for any pet, be it a horse, rabbit, or parrot. The name emphasizes their friendly and loving disposition toward humans and other pets.

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6. Max

I remember Max my bunny rabbit, for he was a sweet fluffy thing. I wrote a poem after he died. Sad! In Big 2023, this name has seen a surge among pet owners. The name symbolizes confidence, power, and leadership. Max is mostly chosen for large and noble pets. It reflects their status as royalty.


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Giving your pet a name is a beautiful opportunity to let the world see its unique qualities while paying homage to its place in your life. This curated list of popular pet names in 2023 is a big ball of diversity. The names reflect a range of influences–From celestial wonders to cultural traditions.

Regardless of whether you choose:

  • Luna for its magical charm
  • Milo for its fun-filled energy
  • Stella for its graceful elegance and wonder.

Each name bears a significance that resonates with pet owners around the world. 

So allow these trending pet names to inspire you on this delightful journey of naming your furry friend. And may their name forever remind you of the love and joy they bring into your world. Cheers! 


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